New Home buyer,Metal Roof in Maine With No Sheathing? Please Help

Hello all, I am a first time home buyer and looking into buying a new home. My wife and I have found the perfect home here in Maine, but found out today that the metal roof was attached directly to the perlins. I know typically there is supposed to be sheathing and a vapor barrier in between. I have found information on both sides of the argument, which have led me here. Is no sheathing adequate? How will it affect my energy use? and will it be a condensation issue? Is this ok for a cold climate here in Maine? I was inspecting the attic with my realtor and we did not really find any evidence of water leaks anywhere in the beams or the insulation except for one spot (pictured). Also there are no sophet vents, but you can see daylight coming through the eaves. My realtor snapped a picture and sent it to the inspector he works with. According to the inspector who looked at the picture, he said it looks great and there is nothing to worry about. I have uploaded all the pictures to a picture sharing site: I'm still unsure and would really appreciate somebody's second opinion on this issue. Thanks for your help From New Home buyer,Metal Roof in Maine With No Sheathing? Please Help - InterNACHI Inspection Forum
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks for your post. I generally advise against this construction for residential applications though I realize that, done right, it can work., Doing it right would include a vapor barrier behind the home's ceilings, good air sealing form the living space into the attic, and good ventilation in the attic. The concern of course is that warm moist air from your living space migrates into the attic and condenses on the cool bottom side of the roofing. I do not see evidence of that happening in this case. It looks like the intake and exhaust vents are functioning and I'd guess that there is a vapor barrier. I'd be careful to not do things that increase moisture levels into the home but it looks like, from all indications, things are functioning okay.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Probably works here if there is enough daylight and resultant airflow at the eaves. First thing I would do when I bought that home would be to air seal and insulate that attic floor. The less heat and moisture that make it into that attic...the better.
Thanks guys, I feel a little better about the home now. Eric I really like your advise, and if I do buy the home, the first thing I will do is air seal and insulate the attic floor.

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