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Thanks in advance for any help. I have an old apartment building (1930s) that is going to need a new roof. Design is such that there is no room for soffit venting and I have ice dams. Current roof is asphalt shingles. 10/12 0r 12/12 pitch. Would vertical 2x4s with horizontal striping of 1x4s give enough venting to prevent ice dams? I would need venting at bottom and at ridge. Has anyone done this and had it function? Thanks Charley
Eric Novotny
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That certainly would vent the roof. If the dams are that bad, I would look at incorporating some rigid foam over the current roof sheathing to further mitigate the heat loss.
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I am currently researching metal roofs as I want to have metal installed over my architectural shingle roof. Do I need both furring strips (if the system requires furring strips) and underlayment? My roof decking is nearly 30 year old OSB, does this present a problem for a metal roof? I have heard some nightmare stories about condensation rotting the roof if a metal roof is not properly installed, what is the best way to avoid moisture related problems. Where can I find specific instructions? How do I know if the roofing contractor is installing correctly and in accordance with manufacturer's specs? Is a standing seam roof more durable than a thru-fastened system? The contractor that provided an estimate plans to use 29 gauge galvalume that is unpainted (galvanized look). Is this as durable as painted metal and should I have an option for heavier gauge? I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and will be buying a book to help answer some of my questions. Any suggestions for a good book that will help me to learn the basics of what I need to consider and watch for? I feel I need to be educated enough to know if the contractor is blowing smoke or shooting straight. Thanks!
Todd Miller
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Hello. I understand your feeling overwhelmed. I actually do have a book I can send you (no charge), published by the Metal Roofing Alliance. Please email me with your address if you'd like it. I can also send you an article I have written. My email is [email protected] Additionally, here is a link to a blog post of mine about this question of whether the old shingles should be removed:

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