metal roofing to purlins or plywood/battens

Considering a metal frame home in South Louisiana, Hurricane Country. Any recommendations as to the wind resistance of corrugated metal panels attached to steel hat channel on steel rafters versus corrugated metal panels to plywood/battens on steel rafters?. Either way, there will be closed cell foam insulation underneath. Thanks.
Eric Novotny
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No real difference to my knowledge. At a high enough speed the metal panels will tear out at the fasteners. I would recommend you deck the roof if you are building. I don't like spraying right to the back of the roof although the foamers do.
Thanks Eric.
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In the Caribbean countries which are prone to hurricane action the following recommendations are made; 1. the roof sheeting is secured to the top and bottom purlin by placing a screw at every ridge of the sheeting. 2. a flashing is placed at the vertical sides of a gable roof. The idea being to reduce the possible vibration of the roof which would result in the tearing of the sheeting at the fasteners.

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