matching and existing metal profile

pete puleo
I'm installing a rubber roof that runs into a barn roof with corrugated screw down metal. The rubber will run up the barn roof under this metal. Problem is that the metal roofing is junk. years of ice snow wind etc has bent, crushed and created 1/2 inch holes where the screws are. The length from eave to ridge is 40 feet! This length was covered by three panels 14ft or so long that overlap each other. The building is 160 ft long as well. The owner cannot afford to do the whole roof (and I really don't want to myself). I cant find this profile anywhere. The panel covers 30 inches. Rib to rib is 10 inches. Both right and left sides are flanged, identical. My plan is to remove the first course of panels and slide up underneath new stuff. if I cant match it however, I cant slide something different underneath it. anyone have any ideas or thoughts. be much appreciated.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Pete, Post up a picture if you can. You might be able to find a local fabricator to make the panel if it cannot be sourced.

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