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Can you provide me information in regards to blanket insulation that is installed "sandwiched" between the rib-profile metal roof and the purlins? I have a roof that has this method of installation of the insulation and it ha sustained sever smoke and fire damages. The claim requires the full replacement of the insulation with like materials and method of installation, but there has been debate upon the method. Do you have any insight in regards to whether or not the metal roof panels have to be removed in order to replace the insulation?
David Stermer
Hi Andrew, Thanks for the question. To replace the blanket insulation, I believe you have to remove the roof panels. That will allow easy removal of the old insulation and installation of the new. If the roof panels remain in place, I guess it is possible to get the existing insulation out - with a lot of effort. But you would never get the new insulation installed correctly, especially at the purlins where the panels cause significant compression of the insulation and the screws are in the way. Care must be taken during this process as the purlins without the panels attached may be unbraced and much less stable. Regards, David

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