ZZ closures vs C closures

I had a standing seam metal roof installed about 11 years ago. Recently, I was on the roof and noticed rust coming thru the panels. On further investigation , I found that the contractor used "C" closures at the ridgeline of the roof, I had to reroof the entire house. The replacing contractor said he has never seem "C" closures at the ridge. He used "ZZ closures. Further, the original roofer use caulking instead of Butlal tape. What is the proper method. ??? Did I get a poor install?. Cost me about $70,000.00 to fix the problem. Would really appreciate your opinion. Thanks Stewart
Dick Bus
From the picture you sent, I am not sure the corrosion had anything to do with the installation; unless there was scratches in the paint. It appears that the metallic coating is not at industry recommended standards. Did you contract for Galvalume or Galvanized coated steel? Did the contractor specify the grade of the coating? If so, get it tested to verify that is what you received. If not, I am afraid you are out of luck.

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