re-roof over slate and asphalt shingle

norm foley
I would like to know if it is possible to re-roof over a roof that is slate and has a asphalt shingle as the second layer. The reason I'am asking is that I would have to take off the existing roof in order to replace with a asphalt shingle. I could safe all that labour and the disposal of the existing roof in land fill site.
Guest User
There are times when this can be done. It is important that you be able to fasten into something solid, though, and that the slate doesn't break up too badly. Self-drilling screws can be helpful rather than nails. In many areas, building codes will not allow more than two layers of roofing. You will need to find out if that is the case where you're located. Generally, though, I suggest conferring with an experienced installer and the manufacturer of the roofing before proceeding to see whether this would be a suitable application in your case.
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