Chris Areheart
I'm amazed at how many metal roofs have condensate problems. I had metal roof installed 5 years ago, the company that did the install laid metal directly on my asphalt singles no tar paper or anything. The first winter I had condensate around perimeter of my ceiling on the north side of my house. The problem then was that I had over insulated my attic when I built my house and had the soffit vents blocked off, so after I pulled insulation back the problem seemed to go away. Now my condensate problem has moved to my roof, I didn't realize I had a leak on my back porch until I moved my refrigerator. I have a leak somewhere in my valley, my house is L shaped can't see leak in attic but I do see water droplets on nails and screws. The leak happens when it rains or not, I have ridge, soffit and gable vents. I know that I need to remove the metal in my valley and take up shingles to find and repair leak damage but I need to know is what or how to build up to the same height as rest of roof so when I lay metal back on roof it will look right. I can't add 1x4 to create air gap it would make my roof look uneven with the rest of the roof. My question is that is there any way to fix this or do I need to replace roof with shingles?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Can you send me some photos of the roof and valley area please? [email protected]
Guest User
Hi Chris, pictures would def. help but it doesn't sound like a condensation problem, it sounds like your valley is leaking. without looking at the installation methods used its hard to say. It would be helpful to attach picture to the post so everyone can see it. Thanks! Alan Ross

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