BeckryTech vs Kynar

Jeremy Hoover
I have two companies quoting a steel metal installation roof for my home. One is recommending BeckryTech the other is recommending Kynar. BeckryTech is a polyester based paint, but they are saying it performs better than Kynar. Can anyone offer an educated opinion on this? Thanks!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are many higher performance polyester finishes available today that do well. I can't speak personally to the Becker product you mention. However, while performance of these products seems to rival PVDF (Kynar) coatings in their early years, I have not seen anything to indicate that that performance continues out beyond year ten or so, and that is the common industry concern with these products. Keep in mind of course that all of these products will perform better in northern climates (climates less subjected to UV).
Guest User
Polyesters only outperform PVDF in one area. The film is harder so they tend not to scratch as easy as PVDF. They will fade faster than PVDF.

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