Insurance Problems With Steel Roof

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Hi; I had a metal roof put on my house, & to day a work buddy said that Insurance company's do not like Metal Roofing because in fire situation firemen can't cut through the roof to extinguish a fire in the attic or ceiling of the house? Where as a wood Shingled roof would burn through and allow water to be poured on and in the roof! Do you have an answer to this Question?\ Thanks Allan Tallman
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Most metal roofs are not terribly difficult to "open up". Additionally, firefighter training includes how to vent a metal roof. While I, too, have heard this story, it's always been sort of an "old wives' tale" rather than something really coming from a firefighter.
Eric Novotny
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That is not accurate information. As Todd said, they can easily get inside of them to fight the fire and quickly if needed. If we had more metal roofs, we would have less house fires and you won't find a home in wildfire country that doesn't have a metal roof if they care about preserving their home.

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