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I am planning to sell my house in spring of 2015. I need to re-roof the back side of my house as those shingles are 19 years old. We re-roofed after having some shingle damages during Hurricane Opal in '94. There was no damage to the front part of the house so insurance only covered the back half of the house. We built our house in '87 and since the shingles were only 7 years old we only did the back side of the house. I re-roofed the front of the house 6 years ago and I used dimensional type shingles, planning to do the back side at a later date, which is now upon me :-). Since I am going to sell the house I am considering going with metal roofing and are looking at costs versus gain in the sale. I have read that there is an estimated gain in appraised value of approx $1.35 per square ft on the appraised value as well as possible reductions in the cost of property insurance which would be attractive to buyers, or to me if I can't sell. My son is a sub in the construction business and is known for his vinyl siding work. He has assisted in doing metal roofing and he is the one who re-roofed the front of our house (with shingles) 5 years ago. I would like to have him be able to sub out to do the metal roof so I can save some labor costs. I am retired and have fixed income so limited in budget for doing a lot of improvements before putting the house on the market. So I am looking at every angle for a gain on doing a metal roof. If there is sufficient data to support making my house more attractive on the market I would even be willing to borrow a little money to get it done. My questions: I know I would not be comfortable doing a roof over the existing shingles on the back side because that is my shaded side of the house and I would want to see the condition of the decking. There are no leaks at all, but I just want to make a full disclosure when I sell the house and as a buyer I would not be happy with that kind of a disclosure myself due to the age of the existing roof. Plus when I get up there to blow out the gutters I think I feel a little give around the fireplace chimney area, but again I do not have any leaks showing up. Since the front of the house has dimensional shingles I am assuming that it would cause it to be too uneven to be able to roof over the front since shingles would have to be removed from the back ? Are there any possible tax credits for doing a total metal roof during 2014? I have a hard time interpreting IRS rules. My house is gray vinyl siding. I have an adjacent 24 x 60 workshop/ barn that we re-roofed last year with non-painted galvalume and would appreciate some information regarding the coatings that I would need to look for that would result in energy savings but not be shiny and would blend with dove gray shingles as well as sort of going with the barn. Also my house has cathedral ceilings so I have a high pitched roof with gable ends Thanks for any possible advice
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I always recommend a full strip of the roof for all of the reasons you mentioned. I think the IRS credits were done in 2013 with the exception of the renewables. I am not sure the coating will provide you with that much more in terms of energy savings. As far as paint and prep go, there are specific protocols to follow for the sake of longevity and it is usually (if done to the letter) not a DIY job.

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