Judi Muntean
Hello: We are in the process of installing a new metal roof over existing shingles. The strapping went on very well. Some friends came over and tried to help while we were not there and they may have done a lot of damage but I am hoping you will be able to give me some guidance. they screwed down the roof at the front of the house (small bungalow) and then they put some of the precut pieces on the back of the house but just tacked them down with a few screws...put on the cap...(not right) and left. When my son got home he noticed that the cap was not on properly nor did they use the foam stuff we bought to keep it secure... also the sheets of metal are all on backwards so the seams are all showing. Then also screwed in the wrong spot of the metal, (although the guy where we bought metal said that was old school to screw in the raised area and it should be screwed in beside it not on it. So I am wondering if we were take all of the metal off the roof and turn it around so that the edges dont show and also take the capping off the top. How would we cover up the first screw holes... or would we be better off to leave it on wrong and just fix the cap on top? I am beside myself at this point and hoping that you may be able to tell me some type of a fix. My son thought maybe he could place other metal under the screw holes with some glue or something and then screw through both pieces of metal to keep in place. Is it a big issue if the seams are not nice. ugh... please suggest something to me...I am desperate.. please feel free to send an email to me directly at the above address thanks for your help. (roof length is 43 feet long and each side is 17feet 3 inches.)
Eric Novotny
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You will not cover up the screw holes. They must have a gasketed screw on them or be replaced. They will leak long term if you try to just repair the holes.

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