Bryan Hamlin
We have a home that was built around 1825. Over the years, it has had several different roof applications. It currently has a metal individual piece type shingle that has a nail fin on the right hand side and a slide joint on the left hand side. They are smooth, with approx. 8-1/2" X 12" exposure. This roof was installed around 1940, (just goes to show that metal is better!!). A recent Tornado has removed several shingles and I have been unable to locate any of this type to replace and repair. Due to the house being a Historical Home, what new metal roof system would help keep the look that we have had for 75 years. The home is 2 stories in the center with a 12/12 pitch gable roof with front and rear porch gables in the center. The house has flanking wings with a 10/12 pitch. Also 2 dormers on the rear, which means many valleys. What would you recommend as a metal replacement?
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Bryan, Can anyone local fabricate that same panel? Sometimes you can get close. Standing seam is always considered historically accurate in my area.
Bryan Hamlin
I have tried the best fabricator in our area and he says he cannot make the rolled slip joint that is on the left hand side. The nail fin side is no problem. The missing tiles are on the far left side and after examining the tiles, he said they would have to remove the entire rows and reinstall working left to right to utilize the nail fin. (If he could have made some or if I could find any used ones) At least one company makes this tile, but it has the Victorian design and our house is a Federal design. I have painted this roof 2 times in the past 18 years and have never seen a patch of any tiles. I have been contacted by numerous MRA members with new products that will give our house the same look, (smooth tiles in a 7"-8" width by 12" high, on 36+" long panels. This may be my only solution. Thanks for the quick reply.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Bryan, Some of those old panels are still made. If you want to send me a photo of yours, I will let you know if I know of a match. My email is [email protected] Also, I have roll form tooling for the locks that were usually on those panels but I would not have an inexpensive way to duplicate the design of your panels. Todd

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