Installing solar panels on metal tile roof

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We are building an energy efficient home and would like to install solar panels on a metal roof. Will there be a problem if I choose the Mediterranean metal roof style, when I later install the solar panelling on top of it? Thanks, -Moon
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This can be done though I do think this is one of the more difficult profiles to do this on. I would suggest checking with the roofing manufacturer for their specifications on this. You also could consider color matched standing seam in the areas where you plan to put solar panels.
Eric Novotny
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Its not really a problem if you account for it now. They make hooks and brackets that can be installed preemptively if you know what panel, location, and style of roof you will be running. Todd is correct that standing seam is the easiest to most solar friendly to work with.
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That profile is not easy to walk on, it won't be an issue for the roof installer but it will be for the solar installation. They will dent it. You need to make sure your roofer knows the areas that are getting PV and have them add a foam wedge it that fits the roof profile. Its not fool proof, but it will provide a more walkable situation for the solar installation.

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