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It's not uncommon for us to get at least one hail storm a year. What kind of damage would be visible on a metal roof, metal singles vs panels? Second question, we get a lot of snow and durning spring it melts and re freezes at night, will water find its way in under a snow covered roof melting and freezing?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Brian, it has been my finding that the more textured a metal roof is, the more strength is built in to resist indentations and also the more the texture of the roof will mask any indentations which do occur. That said, one thing I love about metal roofing is that it resists hail damage the same when it is forty years old as when it is new. Other roofing materials lose their resistance to hail damage as they age. I also find that around golf ball size hail is the point where damage is noticeable on a metal roof. However, every storm is unique in terms of how solid the hail is and that is a factor as well. Ice dam issues need to be addressed with ventilation and insulation and sealing off areas where heat is reaching the roof from the living space. Metal roofing can help stave off damage from ice dams but it is not the answer to ice dams.
Eric Novotny
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+1 If the hail is big enough, it doesn't matter what is on the roof. Obviously metal will hold up far better and maintain the surety and structure of the roof where other materials will have long since failed, but all will show damage. Like Todd said, the more broken up the surface, the more likely it is to hide the damages.

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