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I have put most of a standing seam metal roof onto my garage and stopped when it was time to put some vented z-closures on. The panels are about 16-1/2 inches between seams and the z-closures measure 15-1/2 inches across such that I would need to caulk almost a 1/2" gap on all off the z-closures. The supplier was quick to respond that the gaps should easily be caulked and that I should send them a picture but then has not responded in more than a week. I don't want to install something that will give me trouble later on. How tight should z-closures fit and is it normal to have some sort of material behind them or does that depend on the design? I may end up making my own z-closures(but not vented) if this drags out too long. Thanks Alex
Dick Bus
Alex, you should not settle for 1/2" gaps. That will become a long term maintenance problem. The metal vented z should be made of aluminum or stainless steel when installed over living space because of the amount of moisture that is generated in a home, but a garage is not a big deal. thanks for selecting a metal roof.

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