Metal Roof Ventilation Suggestions

Sergei Datsko
DIY First Time Builder
Hi, we're building a 60' x 27', two story residential house with attached garage. Stick frame construction, 4/12 pitch roof, and planning using long solid metal sheets to cover the roof. With R-30 underlayment. Have 1 foot soffits and planning on using some kind of soffit vents and louvers or gable vents to at both the south and north end of the house. We would also like to try not to have vents at or near the ridge if possible... We would prefer not to cut into the metal roof to install vents. What would you suggest?
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
A ridge vent is ideal for balance ventilation and will not require you to cut into the roof. I would strong suggest that you look at that option as well as upgrade your insulation to R-49. Be sure to air seal and insulate the attic floor as well. Your only other option if you leave the roof close up and do not use a ridge or static vents would be a gable mounted fan and that is far from ideal. Trust me, use a ridge vent application.

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