Radiant Barrier Discussion

Passive Energy84
I already purchased some radiant barrier products and it's really help in reducing the heat gain into my house and now I am planning to install more. So I surf the internet to find more information about it and found some technical data sheet. I don't really understand why radiant barrier must undergo for wet delamination test, folding endurance test and shrinkage test? i mean, does all these tests are really crucial as if not doing it will effect the radiant barrier's performance? As I know radiant barrier must be install in dry condition and left in dry condition. So why it is a must to test it for wet delamination? Does the folding endurance & shrinkage have any effect to the performance? Usually after we have done with the installation, there is no more folding or unfolding the radiant barrier. I need help with these. someone please enlighten me. thank you in advance.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
What application are you going to be using it? i.e. what is the construction of the home?

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