jake england
I have a curved metal roof. starts out on one side as 1/12 pitch and probably ends at 6 or 8/12 where the rain and snow drop. We didn't have too many issues the first couple of years of being in the home but this last year's freeze thaw resulted in a bunch of very large and dangerous pieces of ice coming down. Most of the problem is that when the weather gets warmer, the upper roof drips onto the lower which then freezes and creates the huge chunks of ice. One fell and destroyed my welded steel handrail it was so large. My question is, is there some kind of commercial grade rain gutter product that will hold up in an area like ours? We get a lot of snow (near Jackson Hole Wy). My thought was that if i could install and heat tape a gutter that would route the water down to the ground, perhaps it wouldn't create the ice issues and prevent the lower roofs from having the dangerous ice chunks and potential leaks. I have a 12" fascia plumb cut. Seems like we could install a gutter dropped down a but from the roof surface so the ice and snow would clear it. Any ideas? Roofer doesn't know what to do. Local rain gutter guy isn't willing to mess with it because he's afraid it will get ripped off. I don't blame him, but he kinda specializes in residential seamless. I thought maybe some kind of commercial product may hold up better, there are commercial buildings around that have metal roof and gutter in problem areas. I just topped off my attic insulation to help prevent any heat loss that may be causing the snow to drip. I only have vents top and bottom of the curve, none on the gable ends. Would it be helpful add vents on the gable ends to get more cold in the attic? I've read about heated mats that might help, but its pretty expensive and I would love to have gutters anyway as we get a lot of splash on windows near roof surfaces when it rains hard. Any help is appreciated.
Eric Novotny
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Can you post up a picture but it sounds like you would be a great candidate for some heated gutter cable.

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