robin curbello
My 20 year old roof is Galvalume; the panels were pre-painted blue. After just a few years, it had to be repainted due to peeling/flaking, which was covered under warranty. It now needs to be repainted again due to peeling/flaking, and chalking/fading. How long SHOULD the second painting have lasted? I have contacted numerous leads in my area (between San Antonio and Corpus Christi) with no luck finding a contractor who will repaint a residential roof. Where can I look for a list of contractors who do this type of work? Thanks!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
In most cases, if the paint is peeling, there is an adhesion problem between the metal and the coating. Unless all of the old paint was removed and something was done to eliminate the source of the adhesion problem, the product will probably peel again. I am sorry to have to tell you that.

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