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Rod Herman
I purchased a standing seam snap-lock hidden fastener roof. Because I was concerned about leakage and ice dams on a 6-12 (upper) to 3-12 (lower) pitch transition, I chose a contractor (Metal Pro Roofing - Cornett Roofing - owned by same individual) that provided me with a detailed drawing showing an end dam and fully caulked Z-closure for this juncture. The current installation has no end dam and the vertical gaps between the Z-closure are not caulked. The company has installed half of the roof 3 times to correct more obvious defects (and the lower half of the other side of the house twice), but I payed them in full after the last installation. I did not find the defects until the roof leaked in a driving rain. The company has not responded to my inquiries since visiting the sight over a week ago. How can I find a good contractor to replace the roof,including the redundant protection provided by a properly caulked end dam on the transition and peak, while I seek legal action against the first contractor? The attachment shows a particularly poor detail showing the rib clipped off to accommodate not mounting the transition flashing high enough on the upper pitch to clear the ribs on the lower panels. Any help in identifying a good lawyer is also appreciated.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The best thing you can always do is try to get communication opened up but it sounds very much like you were not the one shut it down in this case. I sincerely hope that you are able to get back with the contractor and get things resolved. If not, I must tell you that no other contractor should touch the roof until the situation with the current contractor is completely resolved in some fashion. I realize tat could be awhile before that can occur but getting someone else involved before the first situation is resolved just won't end well.
Rod Herman
My plan is to hire an attorney to advise me.
Dick Bus
Before you spend a lot of time contacting a lawyer, I would recommend that you hire a metal roof consultant that could act as an mediator. Call me if you would like to discuss further. 610-395-8445
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Was just in Fort Wayne, Indiana. What a Beautiful state!! Sorry you are having these issues and I would 2nd Dick Bus' advice.

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