Rick Smith
We installed Corten metal roofing on our home in Kirkwood, CA when we built the house in 1981. Kirkwood is known for its heavy winter snow packs, and there have been many years where the snow was piled a good four feet on the roof for the duration of the winter season. The roofing we installed on the house was bare metal, without any coating. The roof has had a uniform patina of rust on it for at least the past 25 years. It has been a great roof and seems to still be in good condition. A contractor in the area inspected the roof and said that we can extend the life of it by putting a roof coating on it. He has given us an estimate to clean the roof, tighten down any loose fasteners, and spray on a primer and two coats of a product called Uniflex. Does this sound like a viable approach to maintaining a metal roof that is 33 years old? Also, have you heard of the Uniflex product? It is manufactured by KST Coatings, a subsidiary company of Sherwin-Williams. I have seen several recommendations on these forums for PPG Aquatic system coatings, but all I have found on the internet are products called Kynar Aquatic roof coatings. Is that the same product? Are these roof coating products all about the same, or is there anything we can check out about the products to determine which would be more durable for our application? Thanks.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The Uniflex coating is probably an elastomeric which is very different from the Aquatec finish which is a paint. Elastomerics are thicker and more rubbery. My concern is the rust on the Corten. Generally, that makes it pretty much impossible to get good adhesion with any kind of coatings. The manufacturer of your Corten would have been US Steel. I would suggest contacting them for advice on this.

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