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We have recently found out the job done on our house was not as specified to be 26 gauge in the contract but a mere 29 gauge. Now I am cried as much as I can about the money lost, yelled at my husband for not paying attention to the idiot and have moved on to wondering where to go from here. Will the 29 hold up to the environment on a Residential house, what to expect. In the state of Georgia, this is moved to civil court although it is over 10,000 dollars and of course I bet he will just go bankrupt and open a new business. I probably have lost the thousands spent. What do you suggest. The job itself is suspect and I will be calling in other contractors to see if there is more I can do to salvage the loss. Thank you for all suggestions.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
While gauge does matter and there is a difference between 26 and 29, to be honest, I'd be more concerned about the following: 1) Whether it was installed properly 2) Whether the paint system was the quality you contracted for Did you receive a product warranty with a manufacturer and have you registered it? There are many 29 gauge roofs in your area performing well.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
+1 Nothing wrong with 29 gauge. If the roof is done properly, I would ask for a small credit (less than 15%) against the project and move on.

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