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I would like to know if details exist that show techniques for flashing barrel top dormers constructed from pre-painted galvalume. I've seen these constructed out of copper and the flashing where the dormer meets the sloped roof is soldered to the curved panel, but I can't figure out a method to do it with galvalume which cannot be soldered.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This is a bit outside of my arena of experience. However, I have been involved with flashings designed to flash metal roofing around rounded dormer vents. In this cases, though, an existing flashing from the dormer to the roof was already in place. Have you visited It looks like the offer rounded dormer vents in a wide variety of metals.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
We call them "eyebrows" and I installed two on my boathouse. I am unsure of what type of metal rrofing you are having installed however we recommend installing a good quality ice and water shield over the dormers and under the roof sheets first. Cut the sheet steel to fit over the eyebrow to the centre of the valley. Then you can form step valley flashing. The length of each piece will depend on the arch of the dormer. Seal each lower edge of the overlap to the bottom and side with Butyl tape. You should then feel comfortable through fastening the overlaps down throgh the line of butyl tape whhich will self seal in both the tape and the ice and water. Hope this is clear enough an helps out.
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