New roof insulation & material questions

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I am a homeowner planning for a new waterfront home near the James River in Newport News, VA. We are currently specifying a metal roof. I have read several of your topics and appreciate the advice. 1) Will galvalume coated steel suffice or do we need aluminum? 2) We have specified closed cell spray foam insulation for our exterior walls and are considering whether it would be advantageous to apply it under the roof decking as well. I do not think we will have any HVAC ducts in the attic spaces. Please advise if spray foam is a good choice and suggest any relevant application suggestions/guidelines. 3) Some ceilings will be cathedral type. Please advise if spray foam insulation would be advisable under the roof decking and if so, please advise application specifications/guidelines. Thank you.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Spray foam insulation will work well. If this is on salt or brackish water, you will likely find that steel roofing will not carry a warranty.
Dick Bus
No question I my mind. A Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 coated aluminum roof is the only way to go. unless you go with copper or zinc.
Eric Novotny
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Barry, Dick and Todd have you covered on the materials selection part. I will chime in on the insulation. Spray foam in the cathedral parts would be helpful. Even more helpful would be some rigid from to the top of the sheathing to help thermally uncouple the roof framing from the interior. What type of framing will the home be based on? Will the rafters be engineered lumber or regular 2 by material?

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