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We had a Superior Steel roof installed on our home in 2008. I have had to access it a few times and each time found it to be extremely slippery and fragile even though the pitch is very modest. I slightly dented a few of the small panels in the process. I have a large tree near the house and the limbs, which I had trimmed back for decades from my asphalt shingled roof, now need trimming back most urgently.Also, under the tree there is a large collection of tree debris which I feel a need to wash off the roof. Need to get up on the roof above the debris with my hose. Need to be able to access the upper/inner ends of some of the gutters to clean them out properly. I am looking for some sort of access solution which will permit me to safely get up there to trim and to wash down and so on at the same time avoiding further damage to my roof panels. Suggestions?.
Eric Novotny
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Fred, Any pictures of the roof you can share? A couple of permanent attachment anchors would allow you to safely access the roof and use more of a flat footed pressure and likely reduce the denting potential.
David Stermer
Fred, Thanks for your question. I have found that walk boards lying the in the flat of the panel can be effective at protecting the metal panel surface from foot traffic during maintenance. As Eric mentions though, it would need to be secured to the roof to function safely. Regards, David

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