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We are considering purchasing a home that has an existing metal roof. The roof is original to the house 18 years old and is dark green. The roof is faded in many areas but we were informed that metal roofs shoukd last 30+ years and that it can be resurfaced. Our concern is that this is an indication of a manufacturer defect or the need for replacement. Can a metal roof be resurfaced and if so, how? Is the fading of concern??
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You are in a a harsh area as far as sun and UV. For your area, especially in green which is a particularly sun-sensitive color, I would suggest metal roofs with PVDF coatings for fade and chalk resistance. It sounds like your roof probably was of lesser paint chemistry quality. If you know who manufactured your roof though you can inquire about a warranty claim. Do you have a copy of the warranty? If so, does it include a fad and chalk portion? Your roof could be repainted. I would suggest hiring an experienced painting contractor.

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