Duane Guettler
Orlando Gatorboy
Hello we have an existing metal roof on a dwelling. The roof is approximately 14 yrs old and appears to be the original finish from original construction. The roof needs to be repainted along with replacing a few fasteners. Questions 1. Would you recommend replacing all the fasteners? If so, any guidelines? 2. Which product would you recommend for priming and painting? What surface preparation is recommended prior to painting? 3. Do you have any recommendations on color? We live in Orlando, so heat, humidity and direct sun are considerations. I am looking for long term durability and energy efficiency. 4. What life expectancy could we anticipate for the repainted finish? 5 Can you identify the original manufacturer based on the attached photos? 6. Other thoughts or recommendations in general? Thank you, Duane.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
At that age, replacing all of the fasteners with a larger diameter fastener would not be a bad idea. If you go to a quality paint store, they will have recommendations for you as far as cleaning and painting. Other than that, you could look at an air-dry PVDF finish such as PPG's AquaTec. It is a very costly coating but would get you good life. Lighter colors will have higher reflectivity for energy efficiency. There may be dark colors available in AquaTec with reflective pigment for energy efficiency. If you go with a standard paint system, you could expect 15 or so years. The AquaTec system should last 25 or so. Yours appears to be a typical 5V Crimp profile. There are many manufacturers of it.

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