Cross batten - screening

pat k
Hello, I have a few questions I have not found answers to while searching through the archives. My plan is to cross batten over an existing rolled roof (4/12 pitch). The roof has sagged due to several rafters that cracked. I have fixed the rafters (from the inside) sistering new rafters to them. The roof is now stable. I would like to shim the battens (shim the vertical battens, put down over old roof, centered over rafters) then lay the horizontal battens at 2’ OC. I would like to keep the airspace open between the new metal roof and the old roof. Is this a bad idea? I was going to install a ridge vent so that there is airflow through the battens up to the ridge. What is the best way to “screen” in the bottom edge of the roofline? Is there a metal screen or something like Cobra vent that I can use to keep bugs/ birds out? Thanks for the help, Pat
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I really am not sure there is a product designed specifically for this but certainly providing intake to that area will be helpful. I would suggest contacting Cor-A-Vent to see if they have a solution for this.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
+1 Do not use Cobra Vent. If you are doing it in metal, you can likely bend up a screened metal on the installers trim brake as well.

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