ventilations in machine shop

hello sir my name is akshay and i am a student of btech 3 yr mechanical department. i have one doubt on ventilation requirement in machine shops in industries. actually the machine shop has an volume of 63500 m3/s . but the ventilation is due to just 2 outlet gates and 20 air ductor. i have calculated the outside atmosphere humidity and temprature and also inside atmosphere. it comes around 42 degree celcius with 35 % humidity at outside the atmosphere and 37 degree celcius and 46 % humidity in inside the machine shop. but the volume per air ductor that is situvated at the top roof of the machine shop is around 3567 m3/s. i dont know exactly how much volume is needed per airductor in a machine shop. will u suggest me how to reduce the humidity or increase the rate of flow of air so that workers dont get much problem in doing their work.
Eric Novotny
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Is the space conditioned and what other items inside the shop might be generating humidity?

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