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We have an 1850 barn that needs a new roof covering. We are both retired and so cost is a critical factor in the decision process of the various options of replacing the roof covering (we like the look of metal but do not have any idea of the cost), patching the leaks or just letting it go for the next owner to deal with it. Question: what is the average installed cost per square foot for metal roofing that we can anticipate in ZIP Code 01775. And, installed means (1) removing the exsting layer(s) of asphalt shingles, (2) replacing or patching any defective roof boards and (3) installing the new metal roof. Our time frame to do this work is not until the spring of 2015 but we need to do financial planning now so that we can shop our options. Thank you.
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Phillip, Unfortunately it is impossible to say what your roof would cost up there. I would love to give you a range but the cost of doing business from location to location as well as the cost of labor can vary greatly. I would recommend that you get 2 quotes from qualified contractors and compare their presentations and products. Continuing to educate yourself on this forum will make you supremely informed and you will be ready to sort through all the details with the decision time comes. Keep us posted and please post up a picture if you can. Eric

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