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We hired a contractor to put on a new roof. We contracted for fire & ice, but he instead laid tar paper using cap nails. We now have hundreds of dents in the brand new standing seam metal roof from the cap nails. Aside from looking terrible, I have heard this can damage the integrity of the metal. Also, I'm trying to find out if the manufacturer will maintain the warranty on the metal. Do I have a case against this guy for not using fire/ice and for damaging our metal roof so badly upon install? He told us he was certified and insured. We are now asking for his credentials and insurance and he won't provide either.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Carina, this is unfortunate. There are things that only time will tell but my gut feeling is this probably will never turn into anything other than an aesthetic issue. That said, you have every right to say it is unacceptable. As far as whether it impacts the manufacturer warranty ... you will of course need to check with the manufacturer on that.

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