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TL Gabriola
advice re environmentally friendly charming steel profile - can be used as siding
Thank you for this forum. I'd be most grateful if your experts could reply with answers within. Creating a group of fire proof, low maintenance rustic cottages with colourful charm that are in similar aesthetic schemes. Want steel siding for use as the rain screen cladding. Perhaps a combination of coloured siding that mimic's painted wood -perhaps blended with a bit of plain metal for accent. I have ideas in mind but do not know what is available to contractors in my area. I am willing to special order if aesthetics and environmental ideals cannot be met locally but the more local the better. FEW GENERAL Q's Can I easily use and get permitted for roofing material used as rain screen siding on the West Coast of BC? What is the highest quality coloured steel surface for durability and sun fastness? What is the best installation design to use for siding? What would I look for in terms of companies making effort to reduce the carbon emissions and other environmentally harmful aspects of production? PRODUCT SELECTION I have in mind the following, preferably Canadian products and would appreciate tips for suppliers I can direct our contractors to. - metal siding in one or two cheerful, earthy colours - siding profiles I am looking for information on: - various obviously metal vertical profiles (standing seam, vertical ribbed or corrugated) at the following profiles for colourful siding- shingle, board and barton, vertical channel, shake - metal roofing- standing seam for low slope - corrugated plain metal for skirting - maybe untreated so it will rust naturally
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks so much for planning on using metal. You have a lot of questions and are doing your research well. I feel like it would be best if we could talk in person. Could you possibly call me at 1-800-543-8938 ext 201 ???

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