Metal Roof over Shingles

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I was reading some of the questions posted, and I don't understand, what is "underlaying" and is it different from strapping. We need a new roof and we have shingles, the roof is rough and in need of replacement. If the roof is not in terrible shape, and just one layer of shingles, is it ok to put a metal roof on over top, what are the disadvantages? It is a century home and I would like to say structurally sound, we have already done a lot of renovating inside. We have had a lot of ice in the winter and it has done damage. We are going to seal up the windows, they were installed before we bought the house but placed into the old frames and not sealed. We will be fixing that. I want to get rid of the ice problem. I can only think that sealing up what air leakage we can find and fixing the roof will help a lot. I would appreciate your opinion. The windows upstairs are sealed up, but not downstairs.
David Stermer
Tom, Thanks for your question about metal. Metal roofs certainly can be installed over existing shingles. I would recommend the following: 1) Make sure there are not local ordinances restricting this practice. 2) Thoroughly inspect the existing sheathing for deterioration. Replace any compromised materials. 3) Shim any areas that are out of plane, build up any sagging areas. 4) Install an underlayment (ex. 30# felt) to separate the metal panels from the shingle granules. Regards, David Stermer

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