Clip versus clipless panels

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I'm evaluating metal roof options for my home, and I'm seeing quotes with both clipped and clipless snap-lock panels. Can anyone explain the quality difference between these two options. It appears to me that the clipped panels are more expensive, but I'm not sure if the cheaper clipless models are as high quality. Thoughts?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The clips allow for the standing seam panels to float with expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. The other panels have a fastening strip along one side that screws are placed through. The trip may or may not have slotted holes to allow for expansion and contraction. The clip systems are m more costly because of the separate clips as well as some other factors. They do often offer greater wind resistance as well as a better chance of avoiding the appearance of ripples in the panels.
Dick Bus
The additional cost of clip system is nominal in the total cost of a roof compared with a clipless system. Gage, material type, paint finish will impact the cost more as well as the cost of labor. You should use product manufactured by a member of the Metal Roof Alliance as they have agreed to a minimum standard. Ask the contractor for references and call them to verify that they are satisfied his performance.

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