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hi everyone, im at my wits end with my roof. not the roof itself but the metal ridge cap, its a vented cap that has foam closures underneath it with a screen for bugs/snow/rain and such. the closures have now blown back into my building twice(2X) and ive personally been up there myself in mid winter stuffing them so that snow doesnt blow into my new building. the ridge cap was installed along with the roof originally and then blew out about half of it, the contractor came back and re-did the roof with closures that he had an i had left over, they blew in also. i went up myself because ive found myself shovelling snow inside my building!!! ridiuculous. the closures have a glue pre-applied to them and are supposed to stick once laid and screwed, i am willing to take accept any advice on how to correct this or use any other new closure on the market that will stay in place on laid, im at my wits end here and just wish to have a roof that downt allow rain and snow into my building via the ridge cap. i was told, sarcastingly or not?? to go up and use canned spray foam and seal it up becuase thats what everyone who has this trouble my way does, so much for the venting?? any info or expertise is appreciatted. matt
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Matt, Sorry to see you dealing with this. Perhaps some sort of dam leg fabricated from metal to create a back dam and keep the snow from crawling and effectively baffle the ridge vent against pressurized snow and rain. It would require removal of existing vent and re-installation.

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