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We have recently purchased log home with a metal roof (no brakes) without gutters. The snow slides off and the impact and weight of the snow is snapping the beams of the deck below, along with creating a substantial clean up job. The snow shown in the photo is a season worth of accumulation. The deck was never shoveled....leading to obvious water infiltration issues. A few questions; 1) Would adding snow breaks or snow guards help or will it simply overload the roof? 2) If breaks or snow guards are added, should gutters be installed to manage the water during melting phases? 3) If we wanted to extend the roof would we need all new panels? Sorry, my questions could go on forever. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Eric Novotny
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Matt, That is some serious snow accumulation. 1. Can't tell without knowing the span and structure of the roof. There is, as you note, a point where holding the snow on the roof becomes problematic if you have enough of it. 2. I would say yes. No reason you want all that water being dumped on the deck and that close to the foundation. 3. You could likely unzip the panels and slide the new units under them and create a lap joint but I can't be for certain without a closer look at the panel. I would also say that extending the roof and deck will be a cost of some undertaking and I would probably just plan on re doing the roof on the backside and it won't likely add that much to the cost as compared to joining the two roofs. WoW Home Solutions

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