Roof fire rating, for reals

Chett Breed
The building department in Eldorado County says no metal roof can be installed without meeting Class A fire rating, which they say will be something the manufacturer of every metal roof material will be able to detail. It's going to be some thickness of drywall, flat over the insulating foamboard over the roof decking. So the inspectors for the County require it but they're not saying what they require, leaving it to me to find out. None of the mfrs available from the Lowes or Home Depot website offer any advice online about this. Is there an industry standard? Does it depend on the thickness of the panel, varying by gauge?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
It really is based upon what testing has been done by the individual metal roofing manufacturer. You can look up ICC reports for the panels as well which will state how fire ratings are attained. There also are fire resistant products like Dens Deck and VersaShield which can be used beneath roofing materials and have their own fire ratings for roof system assemblies.

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