Laurie McFadden
We had a metal roof put on 2 years ago. My home was built by me in 1996, and we have never had roof problems. This winter, although it was colder than normal, we started having small wet spots in the dry wall on our family room cathedral ceiling. Upon removing the can lights, my husband found all the insulation to be wet and the drywall was also wet. He went into the attic and found mold growing on the beams and insulation. It was also damp. The ridge vent on our roof was only open in 2 areas, about 2 feet long. We were under the impression that the entire roof vent would be open. The company, who has a good rating, said they do not think that caused the dampness and mold. We had other inspectors look at the roof and attic, and they feel that the ridge vent was not done correctly. It was very costly to put on such a roof. What are your opinions on this? Thank you.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You want a good balance of intake and exhaust ventilation. A great source of venting info is available at That said, I tend to feel, based on what you have written, that the ridge vent needs to be more complete. As far as the can lights though ... that sounds like you may have air leakage around them from the living space to the attic. Sealing those would be wise and lessen the amount of moisture you're trying to vent out of the attic.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
+1 Doesn't sound like the venting to correct or the attic floor tight enough. Air-Vent has great information and Google "Air Sealing and Insulation" as well.

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