Asbestos Over-Roofing

Chris Braswell
I have been researching the process of over-roofing with metal. But I cannot seem to find a answer to the question I have. So I thought I would ask on here, since all of you seem to provide the best answers I have seen. I live in a home which was built in 1915. It was originally a stick built home, but around 70 or 60 years ago it was bricked in and added on to. At the same time, they replaced the old roof (I have been told it was a wood shingle roof) with an asbestos tile roof. The tiles are shaped like diamonds. I am going to find out what the code says about roofing over the tiles. But in the mean time I was wondering what questions I should ask any roofer before hiring them for the job. As far as I can tell, I need to make sure they will use a underlayment and that they attach treated 1 x 4's onto the existing rafters of the roof framing, and then attach the metal roof to this. Is there anything else I need to make sure they will do before choosing the roofer? I already know the front porch will need to be stripped. That is the whole reason I am looking into this. Our front porch was not properly repaired. I was not able to tell the roof had a leak until signs of rot started to show. Luckily, the porch roof is not attached to the main roof of the house and there seems to be no damage in the walls. The plan is to replace the front porch roof completely. Then, when I have the money, place the same metal roof over the main roof (should take no more than a year). I just want to make sure I am ahead of those plans so the two roofs match as much as possible.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Is there solid decking under the current tiles? Are you sure they are asbestos containing? Depending on the type and level of asbestos (if present), the removal/abatement will be different and a quick call to the state environmental agency would tell you what may be required given their make up. You will also have to check with code on the number of layers you can go over given this is not standard asphalt roofing. Putting down underlayment and going over a system of purlins is an accepted method of covering the roof in metal. They are going to have to find the proper way to dispose of the waste on the porch so that inquiry will tell you whatever you need to know about the main if you decide to go that route.

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