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Hi. I have a metal roof that is about 25 years old. Fairly suddenly in the last two years, it turned the color or rust. There are no leaks in the roof. Some of the hardware does need to be replaced - I replaced about 1/2 of it about 3 years ago. I have it up for sale, and the mortgage company is requiring a 2 year certification on the roor. Neither myself or the buyer wishes to spend money for a new roof, because they are going to live in it while they build and then tear it down. We just need it to be certified to last two years for the mortgage company. So, the question is whether this simple style roof would be well-suited to a good power washing/drying/coating process. It certainly appears it would be cheaper. I will have to replace the screws. Do the experts think I could get it certified as lasting two years if I wash it and apply the coating as recommended? There are zero holes or leaks right now. Thanks TC
Eric Novotny
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TC, No reason that a coating and tune up of the roof wouldn't more than exceed that 2 year necessity. You will have to price it out and see where the valuation shakes out. I know of several good roofers in the TN that do coatings that will more than exceed that requirement. Eric

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