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I was looking for dollar payback when selling our log home with a Standing Seam metal roof. This is our main residence. If we sell we are wondering how much we would loose from this not yet installed $20K investment? Thank-You, Tom Edelman Webster, NY 585.347.4288
Todd Miller
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A study by one of the magazines estimated about 85% cost recoup on a quality metal roof. I am sure that every situation will be different though.
Eric Novotny
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+1 The ROI for a standard roof replacement is nearly 55%. Comparing that number to other material upgrades like going with fiber cement over vinyl siding, I would estimate the ROI to be at least the 85% mark and maybe higher. It really depends on the home and how much of an improvement and better fit the metal is. I, personally, think that metal should be a standard on homes that are as organic in nature like a log cabin.

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