Robert Micklas
I own a house that is a series of add-ons with its origins in 1865. I am looking to redo the metal roof and have a section where completely flat roof sheets is the best material (what is currently present). Anything that is not completely flat would be difficult to work with. The sheets cover a wooden surface so oil canning and structural support along the thickness axis is not an issue. The slope is near zero degrees (nearly horizontal). The roof section design is a square with the higest point at the center. Four triangular sections emanate from the center to the section corners. I have spent a lot of time searching the internet and local home improvement stores for flat sheet material suitable for roofing applications with no success. I am thinking the cheapest sheet material is metal but I do not know if there are non-metallic sheets that would be suitable. I am also thinking of a thickness range of 24-29 gage. If the sheets are metallic, coated sheets would be preferred. My question is: Who could sell me flat sheet material for roofing applications, or how do I find someone to do so?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Oftentimes, these sort of areas will be covered by a PVC, TPO, or rubber membrane. If you use metal, what sort of dimensions of metal sheets will you need?
Leon Martin
Most companies who manufacture panels have the product in flat before it is formed. Most flat roofs were galvanized with a flat seam then soldered. Some of the unformed flat stock is Grade 80 and to hard to make a flat seam. That flat stock used for trims or HVAC is usually grade 50 or less and easier to form. Flat stock that is painted or acrylic coated will be diffucult to solder

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