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Hi, I work for a university ceramics department. We have a metal building that houses our gas kilns for firing the student work. Every winter when the snow piles up on the roof and we fire the kilns or turn on the heater we get a mass amount of condensation build up on the ceiling. I know this is from the hot air condensing on the cold metal. My question is what are the options for helping top stop this problem. The buildup is enough that the dripping makes a terrible mess and probably drips over 75% of the area inside the building. We don't necessarily want to insulate the roof because of how hot it would get in there in the summer but if this is the only fix than we would take that step. Thanks for your time and input. Sean Jaeger
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Sean. My general experience with kilns is that they need vent hoods. In fact, I believe that are even required by code. Do you have any sort of venting? Other than that I would have to suggested closed cell urethane insulation on the ceilings.
Eric Novotny
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Like Todd stated, you are going to have to insulate or vent (and possibly both to fix the issue in total).

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