metal roof vent condensation

Mark Schuller
1978 double wide; rolled metal roof; replaced cracked plastic (pvc?) range fan vent and bathroom fan vent with metal pipe. Now we have condensation dripping from the duct on really cold days. Any ideas of how to fix? any way to insulate the pipe on outside of roof? note: disregard the attached photo - i clicked on the wrong one and cannot find a way to remove it!
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Love the picture of the pups though and they look ready to go. There may be nothing wrong with the roof and what you may be experiencing is merely condensation when you send a chunk of warm, moisture laden air, up into a cold vent pipe. Warm, Moisture saturated air + Cold Pipe = Condensation How long are you running the fans for after your showers or cooking? You could insulate the pipes from outside as a starter and make sure you are running the fans for a good bit after the moisture is clear of the room/home. This should dry out the interior of the pipe a bit.

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