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Hello. I'm working in Sketchup to model our sunroom addition, which necessitates a shed roof spanning the 15' depth of the room. Given the 5/12 pitch roof of the adjoining structure, with the gable perpendicular to the shed roof, I can't get there from here with even 20' rafters on a 3/12 pitch shingled. So, I'm looking at engineered roofing products, but I'm also open to a metal roof. Educate me. What is the minimum pitch I want to even consider to minimize problems? Can I send a Sketchup file to get a quote? Upsides, downsides, I'm interested to learn it all. Thanks. Benjy von Cramon
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Minimum pitch on metal, depending on the system, is well below 3:12. Mechanically seamed standing seam can be run down 0.5:12 in the correct applications. Most of the panel systems require 3:12 pitch and will accommodate that pitch with the right installation. Benefits to metal are numerous. Life expectancy, energy efficiency, durability, etc.

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