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I have a 936 sq foot home. just under 11 square. Mostly concrete block with addition over what used to a carport. 12 feet high at peak. Straight run with no gables or flats. I want a metal roof and have taken a home improvement loan so cash is in hand. Just trying to spend it wisely so I can complete repairs. Replace window in addition and header over it. The current one is too large for size of header. So going to reduce window size to 36 x 48 instead of 72 wide by 48 tall. There are shingles now and there appears to be a single section about a square of bowed wood in the addition. Area. No leaks detected. I have gotten 6 quotes. They range from 4800 to 12.5k. Lowest quote wishes to repair only the bad wood and leave original roof in place. Place wood strips every foot and use exposed galvalume ultimate screws. Highest quotes are remove all old roof, rescrew deck every 6 inches, exposed screws (either ultimate or stainless). Wind migitation report for all quotes. I like idea of removing old roof due to age of home 1968. I am planning on using the peel and stick, self adhesive barrier anywhere old roof is removed. Old roof is crackling and I already silver silicone sealed it 5 years ago to extend is life. Home needs other repairs too though. So trying to determine the value in doing so. What is the lifetime difference or wind mitigation difference between leaving old roof and removing it. Is it worth the cash for home I plan to own for up to 35 - 40 more years (tops). I'm 45:) Original part of house has the metal plates already. It was hand built by master craftsman and his co-workers (family) who lived here until he died. Addition is trusses (are spaced to current code though) that do not have the plates yet. So we will add the plates. Not sure it I am allowed to do that ourselves yet. Probably a different forum. We will remove most of the wood from additon and peel and stick it either way as precaution. Original part of house is solid wood decking not particle board or plywood. let me know if you need any more info or pics.
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Feel free to email me pictures if you wish. [email protected] However, generally speaking, leaving the old shingles in place will not shorten the life of the new roof. Putting battens down is not essential but will help keep your attic cooler, particularly if they cross battened with vertical battens followed by horizontal battens.

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