scott turner
Hi, we are in the exploration stage of metal roofing. Can you tell us anything about the decra metal roofing? Is this a quality metal roof for our area, or should we be looking at something else. We are told this is 26 gauge galv-alum steel with coated stone. Any pros or cons would be appreciated. Thank you!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Decra is not a member of the Metal Roofing Alliance. They are a well established company with foreign ownership. Stone coated products are popular for creating a "bridge" from asphalt shingles to steel shingles as they have a coating like that of standard shingles but the base is steel. ATAS International, a member of the MRA, also produces stone-coated steel roofing.
Guest User
Would you say that stone coated products are as good as a Kynar painted steel product? I have seen complaints that the granules wear off over time, but have not been able to find good data to know how long this takes to happen. Price differences between the two types makes me lean towards stone-coated, but I don't want the roof to have shiny spots in 20-30 yrs if we end up moving after the kids grow up. Also, is there any data about energy savings of stone coated metal vs. painted steel? Thanks for your expertise.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Christine, I don't see where there will be any appreciable difference in energy efficiency between the two panels. I would compare the warranties of the two products as well as the proposals from the two companies (if you are using two). I have used the stone coated product before and had good feedback and the Kynar coated panels have excellent finish warranties as well. Depends on the company putting it on as much as anything. How do the two firms compare?
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The two firms seem comparable and competent. One is a family owned business that has been doing steel siding, roofing, and gutters for 40 years, the other has also been in business for just about as long. They both described their installation process to me and use the same underlayments, etc. There is about a $6000 difference between the granule and interlocking painted shingle. Here is a link to the information I found about granules coming off shingles. We live in Wisconsin and get a fair amount of snow. Our house is also on a lot where the west side of the house faces an open field and retaining pond. The wind whips around a lot. The current 20 year old asphalt shingles are coming off.
Dick Bus
Christine, I looked at the link that you included. I am not familiar with all the profiles that are shown. Some of them look to be imported. The key thing would be to use manufacturers that are part of the Metal Roof Alliance. To be a part of the Alliance all of us agree to adhere to a quality standard. As far as the contractor is concerned (they are a key part of a successful long term performing roof) you should do some additional research. The fact that a contractor is family owned and in business for decades does not mean they are of the quality you should expect. Ask them for projects that they have done of similar type and size that your home is. Contact those homeowners, ask to visit the project, verify to your satisfaction that the installation and contractor performance was superior.
Larry Duane
I am also concerned about the stones loosening on a stone coated roof over time. I'm considering a Gerard stone coated roof and want to be sure that after 10- 15 years that the roof has not lost a lot of stones. Have there been many complaints of lost stones? I'm sure that there are many factors like power washing that influence this situation, but assuming the homeowner did it all correctly, what is the track record for this potential problem? Thank you

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