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I have a preprinted galvalume standing seam roof that has faulty primer and is delaminating. What kind of touch-up paint and primer if any should I use to fix the delaminating surfaces that are rusting? Also what procedures should I follow to complete the project?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
What makes you say the primer is faulty? If that is the case, then repainting is probably not really an option. This actually appears to have maybe resulted from the panels being saw cut and hot shards of metal landing on the painting, melting their way into it ... and resulting in this. Let me ask you ... is this a widespread issue or just limited to a few dots?
Eric Novotny
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That damage is not indicative, purely, of poor primer or finish failure. The damage I see pictured looks more akin to mechanical damage.. Surface damage + water = rust/finish failure.
Leon Martin
According to the photo it appears like it might have been damaged or scratched giving way to rust. And I assume it was a HDG substrate that did not have a 1421 Zinc Phosphate pretreatment or equivalent. Zinc Phosphate is critical and better for corrosion resistant and paint adhesion than something like chromate. So I assume it was not properly pretreated. As far as touch up goes use a rust inhibitor paint color matched at a paint store. Lightly sand rust spots to remove the surrounding scales and touch up with using a small brush.

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