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I have a metal roof that was installed about 3 years ago and recently noticed mold growing along the beams in rooms with cathedral ceilings. I removed a section of ridge cap and found that the black felt was never cut out over the ridge so I assume that heat and moisture inside are not able to escape, thereby negating the ability of a ridge vent to do what it should. Am I correct? Also- What prevents rain, when accompanied by wind, from being blown under a metal ridge vent? Thanks for the help.
Eric Novotny
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Open that puppy up ASAP. The roof should have incorporated some screen over the ridge as well as a damn leg bend on the roof to keep the water out.
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Hi Bruce, Not knowing exactly what type of metal roof you have (exposed fastener or concealed fastener) or the type of ridge ventilation system, I agree with Eric that this needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If you are concerned that your ridge ventilation system is not performing up to standards, there are several good alternative solutions available. Check with your local distributor that sells metal roofing and ask them for a recommendation. Another alternative is EZ Vent N Closure. Google it for the website.

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